How to Pass Evelyn in Roblox

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Evelyn is one of the most popular Roblox games, since it is full of suspense, although also of complexity. Many players still do not find a way to pass this title, and have even given it up for lost. Stop worrying, because here we will demonstrate what you should do.

In this guide we teach you the basic steps about how to pass evelyn on roblox in the easiest way possible.

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How to Pass Evelyn on Roblox

Tutorial to pass Evelyn on Roblox

Evelyn is a game for Roblox video consoles that causes a lot of confusion, considering that its labyrinth is quite complex. And in addition to that, you have to deal with all the suspense, which makes you meditate with less fresh psyche. Technically speaking, overcoming it is quite difficult, although if you follow the guide that we have prepared for you, everything will be easier.

Actually, the game is intuitive and in most parts there is not much difficulty. However, where the picture really gets dark is at certain times when you won't quite know what to do. So, you're going to spend your time wandering around that maze.

Guide to overcome Evelyn Roblox

If you want to come out triumphant, apply these steps:

  • In the room, open the door and go to the left area to go down the corridor. After this, enter the door on the right.
  • Take the muffin out of the oven and put it on the tray named Evelyn.
  • Locate an outlet from the kitchen cabinets and put it on the sink, particularly the faucet.
  • Over time, you will see a key that you must take and get out of there.
  • Go to the second floor and enter the first door you see. Go into the bathroom and grab any and all gear.
  • Once you find the brush, put it where the other objects are and pick up another key.
  • At the next door, go through there and take the angel to put it on the table.
  • Take the button and place it in the safe to find another one of the keys.
  • Proceed through the room and grab the handle from the chest on the floor.
  • Open the dollhouse and go back the way you came to the first floor.
  • Locate the missing door and move the first library book to go through a secret path under the fireplace.
  • When you get to the cards, you need to move them in the following order: cross, star, grid, and flower.
  • When you finish, you will see a doll on a chair, from which you must take the diamond.

With this you have finished the entire game for video consoles, although of course, it will take more time than just reading would. And as you've probably noticed, bears many resemblances to Resident Evil.

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