How to Play Dragon City on Fb

«Dragon City» was officially launched by SocialPoint on Facebook on May XNUMX, XNUMX, it was the game most awaited by many people at the moment of its integrity on Facebook, the beginning of this great community and its fandom began. The way in which the game was developing attracted considerably more players to the Facebook platform just to play it without downloading, since then day by day we began to like it little by little, until then.

How to Play Dragon City on Facebook

How to Play Dragon City on Facebook

Just by having a Facebook account and searching «Dragon City» in the search engine, by clicking on it we started to play. Today there is no possibility to play this game on Facebook and this is because they removed it from that platform. The community is usually very disappointed in this since it was not necessary to use the app as such to play and since the closing date (09/01/2020), a portion of the players left the game.

What happened so that they closed the game on Facebook? In theory nothing happened, the Social Point company focused its sacrifices to offer us a unique and balanced experience with respect to each and every one of the platforms, which we did not will force you to connect multiple accounts to save progress. On top of this Fb made a lot of changes which were breaking the game and older systems were not running properly causing inconvenience to everyone.

In itself, SocialPoint did its best to ensure that «Dragon City» It will continue on the platform but due to many factors they had to close it. Another reason why it was closed was the unfair advantage it gave over other players, in the large amounts of gems and their acquisition. Exactly the same community thought of this and for this reason they suppressed it, for a fair legal and with multiple strategies in, we wanted a fair game and we got it. 

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