How to Play Gartic Phone Without Friends

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Surely you want to raise the level of adrenaline and/or fun in the Android game of the moment “Gartic Phone”. And for this, nothing better than applying the trick of how to play Gartic Phone with no friends?

In other words, imagine for a moment not interacting with your family, acquaintances or friends on Gartic Phone. So try the next trick to play Gartic Phone without friends and test your skills and abilities with people you don't know, this is with strangers.

Now, this pleasant modality becomes considerably more attractive since it does not entail any kind of cost or payment. Consequently, in the Gartic Phone options, we recommend that you discover with us how to play in the well-known public rooms? Drawing, guessing and laughing out loud non-stop.

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How to Play Gartic Phone Without Friends

Meet the public rooms to play Gartic Phone without friends 

Meeting new gamers on Gartic Phone and playing with them is almost like playing outside of your comfort or social set. In such a way that if you want to achieve this, you only have to write your NICK and verify that you have entered successfully.

Next, identify the "Discord" option so that you have this mode. And you adopt the eligibility conditions to enter to play in a public room and not a private one.

Therefore, in this public environment is where you will be able to play without friends because this room was created by another person who is completely unknown to you.

Now, in this environment you will realize that you are going to interact with different players where at first it will be somewhat uphill. But once you keep playing they will become your new best Gartic Phone contacts where you will probably meet an artist.

So, you should also keep in mind that when they add you to a Whatsapp group and they send you the link. It is very possible that the people who join there probably do not know them, since they may be from other countries than those in your area or locality.

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