How to play Imposter mode in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite How to play Imposter mode in Fortnite? A brand new mode is coming to Fortnite with patch 17.40: Imposter mode!

For the past few days, Epic Games has been teasing through different visuals the next novelty of Fortnite ! This one arrives this Tuesday, August 17, and it is a brand new mode: Imposter mode. Very inspired by the famous game Among Us, the goal will be for the agents of the Institute to identify the imposters, and to secure the Node.

This mode is available in the usual list of Fortnite game modes, and it is possible to play it from the end of patch 17.40 maintenance !

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Imposter mode, how to play it on Fortnite?

Imposter mode is finally available for all players, provided they have updated to patch 17.40! To access it, simply go to the list of Fortnite game modes:

Imposter mode in Fortnite

To play it, it will be necessary to be minimum 4 and maximum 10 players. In this mode, you will embody be an impostor, either an agent of the Institute. As an impostor, you will have to try to destroy the Node from the inside, without being unmasked. If you are an agent of the Institute, your role will be the reverse, since you will have to try to protect node et unmask the imposters.

La mode description is the following :

"The Node is under attack!" 

The agents of the Institute are responsible for ensuring the security of the Node by carrying out their tasks or by identifying imposters.

Beware of imposters! They disguised themselves as agents of the Institute to destroy it from within. 
If the Imposters can eliminate enough Agent before the Node is secured, they win.

Don't trust anyone. 禄

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