How to Play MeepCity

How to Play MeepCity

The MeepCity game was created by Alexnewtron, inspired by Club Penguin and Toontown. The game is included in the platform Roblox. The main idea of ​​the game is to socialize with the rest of the players, but in MeepCity We can also achieve game minis where we can win many coins.

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How to Play MeepCity on Roblox

How to Play MeepCity on Roblox

Once registered on the official Roblox page, we can access each and every one of the games on the platform. And one of the games is MeepCity created by Alexnewtron. The main idea of ​​the game is to socialize and in a more entertaining background is to make money, participate or create parties, remodel our house and do business with other players.

If you want to get the most out of the MeepCity game, follow the tips that we are mentioning to you now.

Get coins in MeepCity

At the start of the game each and every player will receive a small amount of coins. These coins are used to make transactions in the different stores of the game. And in MeepCity there is a wide variety of options where we can earn coins.

Participate in the fishing mini game:

With the money made at the beginning of the game, we can buy a fishing rod at the pet store. Once we have the cane we are going to go to the lagoon that is located in the plaza; we only have to locate ourselves on a dock that is unoccupied to carry out fishing. We only have to throw our line to the dark spots of the lagoon, since it is the indication of where the fish are. Once we finish fishing we must go back to the pet store to sell the fish and get coins.

Plant in the home garden

At the beginning of the game, in the same way as the coins, we will also receive a house, which has a series of pots around it where we can plant. We only have to click with the right mouse button so that a series of options is displayed, where we are going to choose the plant that we want to grow. We must take care of this plant and be aware of it. Once it grows we must collect it to sell it to the rest and get coins for them.

Car races

It is an entertaining way to earn coins, we just have to go to the MeepCity Racing establishment. Where we must choose the car and the style of racing (recommended fast race). By choosing each and every one of the factors we are going to start the car race, where we are going to have to arrive among the first 3 places to qualify for the prize of one hundred and fifty coins.

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