How to Play MeepCity Roblox

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MeepCity was created in the year two thousand and sixteen by Alexnewtron, when registering you start you have the option to choose town or city. The basic idea of MeepCity en Roblox it is meeting people around the planet and socializing with them in the game, but in a second you can participate in the mini-games to get coins.

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How to Play MeepCity Roblox

How to Play MeepCity Roblox

The MeepCity game is quite similar to Disney's Toontown and Club Penguin games. As the primary idea is socialization, money goes into the background.

Within the game, players have multiple options to earn money, to be able to change their house or remodel it, acquire the different items that are sold in stores. The official currency of the game is called Coins and is identified with an M-shaped logo.

Most players, in addition to socializing, like to earn money to alter their avatar or remodel their house, hold parties, buy items for a pool, etc.

Get coins through fishing in MeepCity

At the beginning of the game, each and every player is assigned a small amount of coins, which you can use to purchase a fishing rod and get cuties in a fun way:

  1. We must obtain a rod in the MeepCity pet store.
  2. Once we acquire the rod we must go to the lagoon of the square, where we will find countless fish.
  3. We just have to stand on a dock that is unoccupied.
  4. Visualize the dark spots of the lagoon to cast our fishing line.
  5. At the end of fishing we must go to the pet store to sell our fish.
  6. In this way we will achieve coins.

How to get coins through gardening in MeepCity

This is a fairly common practice to earn in-game currency; and in turn a way to meet other players.

  1. All the houses have pots around them to plant the flowers.
  2. In the pot we must click and a menu will be displayed with the flowers that we can plant.
  3. We select the flower of our preference, which we must dedicate time to take care of.
  4. Once the plant has grown we can uproot it to sell it to other players.
  5. In this way we will receive coins.

How to get coins by racing in MeepCity

Another fun way to earn coins is by participating in car races in MeepCity. We just have to go to Meep Racing and choose the car of our choice.

We are going to compete with other players and, to get the prize, we have to finish the race among the top 3 places on the leaderboard.

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