How to Put Codes in MeepCity

IF we want to get improvements or countless prizes in the MeepCity game, we can use the promotional codes that we can achieve on the official page of Roblox or on specialized websites MeepCity. To put the codes we must follow the steps shown in the next article.

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How to Put Codes in MeepCity

How to put codes in MeepCity Roblox

By exchanging the MeepCity codes we are going to get countless prizes, which we can use on the game map. The rewards obtained can be used in our pet or in our home; and if we want we can exchange them for other items that the rest of the players have.

If you have a code, you just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. We must go to the pet store, it is a dog bone-shaped building that is located on the outskirts of the MeepCity square.
  2. Once in the pet store we must go to the counter.
  3. Let's see a list of pets that we can adopt.
  4. We select the pet of our liking.
  5. Once the adoption is done, we will proceed to exchange the MeepCity codes.
  6. The Twitter icon will immediately appear in the upper right part of the screen.
  7. Click on the Twitter logo and the option to enter a code will be displayed.
  8. We copy the code of our preference from the Roblox page and copy it into the relevant box and press admit.
  9. Next, we will receive the prize corresponding to the code that we enter, which will be free in our inventory.

List of active codes for MeepCity

In the next list we are going to locate multiple codes that are active, we must be aware that the codes have a validity period.

  • jet pack code: we will receive the prize of Jetpack Classic.
  • duck code: we will receive the Duck Classic prize.
  • Code XXX: we will have the possibility to exchange our Meep in the pet shop; we just need to have adopted a pet beforehand.
  • animal codes: we will receive the Traditional Animals award.
  • Paperhat Code: by exchanging this code we will receive the Paper Hat Classic prize.
  • code first: by exchanging this code we will receive hair to use on our pet.
  • nurse code: by exchanging it we will get the Nurse's Cap that can be used on our pet.

This is the list of codes that we can use in MeepCity. As you may want, most of the rewards are to be used on our pets, so we must adopt a pet (Meep) before exchanging codes.

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