How to Put Emojis in MeepCity

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The basic idea of MeepCity en Roblox is to interact with the rest of the players, and have conversations with one or more of them. To be able to socialize with another person we are going to use the Chat, where we are going to write the message that we want to send. We can decorate the message with emojis to make it attractive.

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How to Put Emojis in MeepCity

How to put emojis in MeepCity Roblox

If we want to decorate a chat in MeepCity, we are only going to have to use one or multiple emojis that we have free. To do this we just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. We must search the web for a page dedicated to emojis, there are many and with a huge plurality.
  2. Once the emojis are achieved, we only have to choose one or multiple of them and copy them (control + c) in Windows.
  3. We enter the MeepCity game and open the chat.
  4. We proceed to paste the chosen emojis (control + v) in the chat box.
  5. In this way we can decorate our message with attractive emojis.
  6. On certain occasions, players only engage in conversations through emojis, since they are quite attractive and humorous that help fill a sentence.

Meaning of the emojis that you can use in the MeepCity chat

The term emoji has its origin in Japanese and is used to identify the singular characters that are going to be used in a chat. Each and every one of the emojis are created by the Unicode Consortium company, which is responsible for updating each and every one of the existing emojis in the video game market.

  • Smiley Face Emoji: this is one of the most popular emojis in chats, it is usually used to express joy, greeting since it is a positive icon that is identified with joy.
  • Smiling emoji with open mouth: It is the ideal to express a deep happiness, it is also used to make fun of a partner who has made a mistake.
  • Winking Emoji: It is the ideal to start a flirt with another person of the opposite sex. On certain occasions it can be used to say OK that we are satisfied with something.
  • blushing face emoji: It is used when you are speechless in front of a compliment from another player. He also tends to express shame for some mistake made.
  • Frozen Face Emoji: it means that it is very cold, and it is usually used to express the feeling of coldness.
  • Upside down face emoji: It is usually used to express that you do not understand some context of the talk and you need a little explanation.
  • Shocked Face Emoji: It is usually used in situations that attract attention, to tell the partner that you were surprised by a situation in the game.
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