How to Put Full Screen in Free Fire

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How to put full screen in free fire? It is the question that many today ask themselves, since at the moment of playing we are left with that black bar that indicates the limit. That is, who would like to try how excellent it would be to be able to play free fire in its glory, to be able to grasp and love each and every detail. If you find it interesting, let's waste more time Let's start!

I must tell you that there is an easy way to reproduce Garena Free Fire in full screen, with which you can enjoy battle royale and PvP in a better way.

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How to Put Full Screen in Free Fire

How to put full screen in free fire?

In many games it is necessary to put the full screen in order to be able to observe our objectives more clearly and free fire is one of them, since in many devices the screen is minimized somewhat, revealing some black stripes, which cause discomfort in many players that's why we want to educate you how to put full screen in free fire.

First of all, you have to know that not each and every one of the mobile devices have this inconvenience, since some already have the NOTCH, I hide the one that is an application that does not favor us when playing free fire. However, on many mobile devices it can cause some inconvenience due to its configuration. So let us show you how to use it.

What is NOTCH and what is it for in free fire?

First of all, let us tell you that NOTCH In many mobile devices you don't need to change its configuration because it is already adapted to many games, but in other mobile devices if it is necessary to change its configuration.

To start, you have to know that each device has a different menu, since some show you the option to be able to hide Notch and in others, the option of the applications that we want to see in full screen simply appears. Now, if you have it installed we will explain how to hide notch:

  • First, you must press the icon setting.
  • Next, a menu will appear, you must choose the display option.
  • Then, you must look for the section that states the notch area, there you will be able to activate or deactivate notch. In other words, you decide if you want the black bars to appear on the screen or not.
  • Finally, you must make sure that you have NOTCH installed, you can ask in your play store.
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