How to Put the Invisible Face on MeepCity

Do you want to stand out in MeepCity, wearing an avatar with a style adapted and unique to the game? You can achieve it by putting the invisible face or head, you will be the sensation of the site. To make this change in your avatar you must continue reading and we will show you how to put the invisible face on MeepCity de Roblox.

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How to Put the Invisible Face on MeepCity

How to put the invisible face in MeepCity Roblox

In the MeepCity game we can customize our avatar to attract the attention of the rest of the participants. And to do it we can put our invisible face, just follow the steps shown below:

  1. We are going to click on the avatar icon that is at the top of the game screen.
  2. Next we are going to visualize 3 options: games, my toys and edit avatar. We will click on the edit avatar.
  3. A menu will open with multiple editing options for our avatar.
  4. We are going to click on the body icon which has a picture of a doll.
  5. In the new screen that appears, the one that is identified with a doll and its parts are selectable.
  6. Let's click on the head.
  7. A sub menu will open with an extensive list of heads that we can choose from.
  8. We navigate through the entire menu until we find the invisible head.
  9. We choose it and click on admit to make the changes to our avatar.
  10. As we can see, our avatar has an invisible face, to which we can put a wig or other accessories.

Following the steps previously mentioned, we are going to put the invisible face on our avatar. On certain occasions and through unique events we can acquire a unique costume, such as the headless horseman. If you want to acquire this suit you only have to take into consideration the following points:

  • This bundle will only be free in the rare Halloween event.
  • We just have to wait for the update in October of the current year.
  • To achieve this suit we must have a good amount of coins or Robux since the suit is somewhat expensive.
  • It can be purchased with thirty thousand Robux. That is, only a few players have access to the Headless Horseman outfit.
  • The headless horseman suit is quite difficult to obtain, since it has a fairly high cost and will only be available for less than a month to disappear again.
  • It will be free in the month of October for a few days, so you have to be aware of the new MeepCity update.

By getting this unique costume you will distinguish yourself from the rest of the players because it will be quite difficult to see two players without a head.

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