How to Put the Skill of Another Character in Free Fire

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All the characters in Garena Free Fire have skills that will be of great help to you on the pitch. Depending on the character's abilities, it will have its cost in diamonds. There are characters with active and passive skills that can be combined depending on the characters. Read on and we'll show you how to put another character's ability into Free Fire.

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How to Put Another Character's Ability in Free Fire

How to put another character's ability in Free Fire

In the Garena Free Fire game there are a total of 36 characters, those who will give you extra help on the field of play, depending on the unique abilities they have, will have their cost in the Free Fire store.

If you have a character in the Garena Free Fire game and you want to use it with a different ability than the one it brings, you can do so by following the steps shown now.

  1. We log into the Garena Free Fire game.
  2. Being in the game lobby, we are going to choose the Characters section that is located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Once we enter the character tab, we will click on the "Skill Space" section, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Next we are going to choose the skills that we want to use with our character.
  5. Click on change and a new window will be displayed where we will choose the payment method of our choice. It has a cost of fifty diamonds or twenty thousand coins.

Once these steps have been carried out, we can use the abilities of other characters on the field of play.


The character that has the best abilities in the Garena Free Fire game is Hayato and he is the favorite of most players for his unusual powers. This character has a cost of four hundred 99 diamonds or, failing that, 8 thousand coins.

Its greatest strength comes to the fore when it is weak or practically dead, since being in this state it will have a greater depth of damage, which is called a passive ability.

This character is ideal to be used in duels by equipping him with more powerful weapons. He has a Katana that when used will generate significant damage. Hayato's story, according to Garena, is that he comes from a sacred family of samurai. He is a noble and loyal character and will always be ready for battle like any good Samurai.

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