How to Put Things in Hand in MeepCity

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The game of MeepCity en Roblox It is quite varied and we can carry out many activities to pass the time, such as socializing with the rest of the players. One way to get the attention of the other participants is to customize our avatar with a different style, and we can put objects in our hands such as a radio or a unique weapon.

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How to Put Things in Hand in MeepCity

How to put things in hand in MeepCity Roblox

To put objects in the hands of our avatar and make it look different is something easy to do, we just have to follow the steps that we show now.

  1. We log into the MeepCity game.
  2. On the main screen we are going to click on the avatar icon that is at the top of the screen.
  3. Then the system will show us 3 options: my games, my toys and avatar editor. We choose the avatar editing icon.
  4. We will go to the next screen where the system will show us each and every one of the options to edit our avatar.
  5. Let's click on Accessories.
  6. A long list will be displayed with each and every one of the accessories that we can put in the hands of our avatar.
  7. Depending on the accessory we choose, we will have to cancel a cost; and for this we will have to specify coins. In the MeepCity game there are many options to earn coins.
  8. The accessory that we acquire can be achieved in our inventory.
  9. This is one of the ways to put objects in our avatar's hand and draw the attention of other MeepCity players.

The previously mentioned steps are used to put objects in the hands of our avatar. Another way to put things in the hands is:

  1. We enter in our inventory the one that is identified with the name of Attic.
  2. We are going to see each and every one of the items that we have free in our game inventory.
  3. We are going to choose the object of our liking to display it in the hands of our avatar.

To be able to do this we must have free coins to be able to acquire the accessories that will alter our avatar. In the game there are many ways to get coins in a simple, easy and entertaining way.

  • Carrying out the fishing to sell the fish in the pet store.
  • Growing flowers that we can then trade with another player.
  • Carrying out the chariot race. This is a good option as it distributes the prize with the most coins in MeepCity.
  • Ball races. These can be done in the Star Ball mini game.
  • Working preparing and delivering pizzas.
  • Remaining a certain time in the game, since from time to time coins are given just for socializing.
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