How to Recharge Diamonds in Free Fire with Paypal

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Have no idea how to recharge diamonds on Free Fire with paypal? Since I recommend you stay with us because we offer you the fastest and simplest way to do it.

In addition, most of the applications will pay you via Paypal. For this reason, we are going to teach you from the moment it is Paypal to how easily buy your diamonds with this virtual wallet.

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How to Top Up Diamonds in Free Fire with Paypal

What is Paypal?

Paypal It is an absolutely secure payment platform that is frequently used to make online purchases. On the other hand, many users instantly find the Paypal logo next to their credit cards when they make their payments via the web.

In addition, Paypal It is a virtual wallet in which you will be able to make your payments through the internet without the need to enter your bank details on each and every platform. For this reason, you will have maximum security since Paypal will store your data in an absolutely secure way. 

How to buy diamonds with Paypal through Google Play

To be able to do it in the traditional way, you must follow the next steps in detail; you must choose Paypal as a form of payment and then you put each and every one of the data that Google Play asks you for.

How to acquire diamonds with Paypal by Pagostore

If the Paypal payment option does not appear in the game, you will have to purchase diamonds through pagostore. But, before going to the page you will have to click on your Nick in the upper left part in order to enter your information.  

Then, once inside you go to the gallery tab where you will find your player name and under that a numerical code, that is your Player ID. Consequently, you will have to copy it by pressing on the small icon on the right side of your ID and the payment method and amount of diamonds you want will appear.

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