How to Rob Brookhaven Bank

Roblox is an amazing gaming platform and brookhaven is the best of all since you don't need money to play and have fun to the limit. You can collect all the pasta you want, but you won't need it. Anyway you can have all this pasta completely free of charge, and even more enjoyable illegally. And it is that the most attractive option to obtain money is robbing the Brookhaven bank. Pay close attention to the steps to take to rob the Brookhaven bank in Roblox

It is true that after earning or stealing so much money, you will not have anything to spend it on, but it is fun to do new things in the game. And this activity in particular I suggest that it only be throughout the game, and not take it to real life.

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How to Rob the Brookhaven Bank

How to Rob the Brookhaven Bank

To rob the brookhaven bank there is only one way, but to get to the bank there are many ways. The easiest way to get to the brookhaven bank is to enter directly through the main door, and:

  • steal access card
  • Running up the stairs that lead to the vault

This would be an easy way to rob the bank, but you might just get caught that way. For this reason, you have to look for a better alternative option, one in which you can go unnoticed and achieve your goal.

The other way to rob the brookhaven bank without anyone seeing you is to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Cleaners store in front of the school
  • Enter and go to the back area where you will reach some stairs that you must go down and enter the room. It is a somewhat sad and gloomy room
  • Look around the corners for a corridor or tunnel, and go inside. Follow this tunnel to the end

In this way you will reach the top of the bank without being seen by anyone, now you just have to open it. For this you will need to put a C4 bomb that you will find at no cost in the store. Make it burst and collect all the money and run out where you entered.

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