How to Sell a House in Brookhaven Roblox

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The houses on this platform are essential interactive structures in the game. Roblox players are interested in changing houses in brookhaven and personalizing their spaces by decorating them to their liking. Due to this need of the players to have a house, there is the option of selling a house in brookhaven Roblox.

This platform allows you to buy and sell houses and thus recover some of your money, although perhaps not the full amount. Therefore, the sale of a house gives you the option to change your house in brookhaven whenever you want.

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How to Sell a House in Brookhaven Roblox

How to Sell a House in Brookhaven Roblox

Go ahead and sell a house in brookhaven Roblox, and acquire another property. Surely you are wondering when you can sell a house in brookhaven Roblox. The costs change according to the type of house you want to sell and its peculiarities.


Houses are the smallest option in the game. It offers you three rooms distributed in 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom. The approximate cost in which you can sell it is about US dollars 240.

Casa Particular

These are a great option, since it is considerably more spacious. It consists of two floors and five rooms. You can sell it for Robux and US dollars 200. Or you can sell it for US dollars 489. It is essential that you know that it is the family home, parties are not allowed.

Tree house

This tree house consists of 1 floor and three rooms with an excellent staircase to be able to climb exactly the same. You can sell it for about US$800.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most affordable options on the platform, despite being spacious enough. It consists of three floors and nine rooms, and you can sell it for US dollars 1.499.

Futuristic house

The futuristic house has an incredible pool inside and five rooms. There is no doubt that it is a great option to organize entertaining parties. You can sell this house for US dollars 2.500.


This is the ideal house for those players with a high budget. They are like farms, and consist of seven rooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and a third floor including small size. One of the rooms is completely decorated. You can sell this house in US dollars 1.944.

Sell 鈥嬧媋 house in brookhaven and earn money or Robux. Go ahead and have fun on this amazing platform.

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