How to Sell a House on MeepCity

How to Sell a House on MeepCity

The house in MeepCity is one of the most valuable possessions in the game of Roblox. You can remodel the house to your liking, but if you want and it is in your possibilities you can acquire a house to your liking. And in this way you can sell the old box, if you do not know how to do it, continue reading and we will show you how to sell a house in MeepCity.

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How to Sell a House on MeepCity

How to sell a house in MeepCity Roblox

Do you want to change your house, and get one with more space in the furniture store? You can achieve it, but first we must sell the house that you no longer like, to make the sale you just have to follow the steps that we show you below:

  1. We log in to the official Roblox page.
  2. We select the construction section of the MeepCity game.
  3. Next we will mark the house that we want to sell. A notification will appear on the screen to confirm the sale of the house.
  4. When marking the house, the option to remove will appear, next to the icon of a tractor.
  5. We are going to remove everything chosen. Each and every piece of furniture in the house will be removed.
  6. If you don't want to remove certain items in the house, we must add them to our inventory.
  7. A pop-up window will open where we will have to enter our username to confirm the demolition of the house.
  8. By performing this action the house will be sold and we will receive the relevant coins. If it is the house that is assigned to us at the beginning of the game, it will have a value of two hundred coins.

Buy a new house in MeepCity

When selling the MeepCity house we must acquire a new one, and to do so we must follow the following recommendations:

  1. We must go to the furniture store, the one on the outskirts of the square.
  2. Once in the store we must go to the counter which is attended by Mr. Penguin.
  3. Mr. Penguin will show us each and every one of the free houses.
  4. We are going to contrast the amount of coins that we have free to buy a house.
  5. We click on the chosen house, and a notification will appear to acquire or refuse the acquisition.
  6. By clicking on admit we will receive another notification, with the notice of successful purchase.
  7. To go to the new house we are going to click on the house icon that is in the upper menu of the screen.
  8. A notification will appear with the warning if we want to teleport to our house.
  9. We click on YES and automatically the game takes us to our new house.
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