How to Sell Furniture on MeepCity

Do you want to remodel your house, with new items? Furniture is considered a category with an enormous plurality that allows us to personalize our home. If you have already acquired certain furniture and want to sell it, you just have to continue reading and we will show you how to sell furniture in MeepCity Roblox.

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How to Sell Furniture in MeepCity Roblox

How to Sell Furniture in MeepCity Roblox

If you want to furnish your home with new items from the furniture store, but you don't have space, you should give away or sell the old furniture that you no longer like. In this new installment we are going to guide you point by point on how to sell your furniture:

  1. When starting a session in MeepCity, we will enter the profile of the player to whom we want to sell the furniture.
  2. Then in the profile we will click on the section with 3 vertical points. The ones located in the upper right corner of the player's profile information. It's in the box with the picture.
  3. A menu will be displayed in which we are going to choose Exchange Items.
  4. The system will send us to another page that contains all the information on the items that we can trade with other players.
  5. We are going to mark the furniture that we want to sell and that the player wants to acquire.
  6. The other person must review the furniture you buy and if you are satisfied with the amount to be paid.
  7. The player has the right to negotiate the established offer and can delete or add a piece of furniture.
  8. As both people agree, we must check that everything is adequate, the number of items sent and the number of coins received (once the furniture sale has been made, it cannot be undone).
  9. Once we examine the operation and we are satisfied, we proceed to click on the Make Offer button, to carry out the sale of the furniture.
  10. Immediately a message will appear on the screen to confirm the sale, we must click on YES.
  11. The other player will receive a notification that the trade was successful.
  12. All items received will be added to your MeepCity inventory.
  13. On the left of the screen there is a menu where you can check each and every one of the transactions made.
  14. When making a sale, the acquiring player has the right to admit or refuse the acquisition,
  15. The sale is made immediately as soon as the two parties admit the transaction.

This is an easy and safe way to sell items or furniture to other MeepCity players. We just have to be sure of the transaction to be carried out.

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