How to Steal a Safe in Brookhaven

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As I'm sure you've noticed, in Brookhaven Roblox, you can do whatever you want. In truth, believe it or not, you can even be a criminal, even the most wanted by the law. But for this you must learn multiple tricks, one of them is how to pickpocket a safe in brookhaven.

It may seem complicated to you, but honestly it is considerably easier than you imagine. You just have to follow some tricks and you will see how in a moment you will have already robbed a safe in Brookhaven. Mas tries to go unnoticed to avoid having to escape.

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How to Pickpocket a Safe in Brookhaven

Tricks to steal a safe in Brookhaven

In order to pickpocket a safe in Brookhaven, the first thing you need to know is the precise location of the safe. Thus, you can plan a good approach. Keep in mind that there are multiple safes, the one in the bank, and the one in multiple houses. According to the safe you want to steal, you must plan the most convenient strategy.

An essential trick to pickpocketing a safe is to have a couple of C4 explosives. You can find these explosives in the store, completely free of charge. Once you have the explosives, head over to where the safe is and place them on the door. Then get as far away as you can and press the button to make them explode. Once the bomb goes off, the safe door will open and you will be able to collect all the pasta.

To make the game a little more enjoyable, you can customize your avatar according to the action to be performed. Use clothes and accessories to hide your appearance, and thus it will be impossible for any other subject to recognize you. You can use black clothes, and even a hat and dark glasses, so you will look like a real thief and do not expose your identity.

This is one of the many illegal activities that you can carry out in Brookhaven, in addition to this it will leave your pockets full of money. While this money isn't real and doesn't do much good, it's great for purchasing new properties in the game. In addition to this you will be the envy of the rest of the players.

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