How to Store Fruits in Blox Fruits

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The fruits of Blox Fruits can be obtained scattered throughout the planet of the game. These give the players who consume them a series of abilities that will make them unbeatable when facing their opponents. For this reason it is good to learn how to save fruits in Blox Fruits from Roblox, and thus be always and at all times prepared.

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How to Store Fruits in Blox Fruits

How to save fruits in Blox Fruits

Each fruit of Blox Fruits has a different value according to its peculiarities. These fruits give incredible unique abilities to the player who consumes them, such as:

  • Explosive attack in an unlimited area or space
  • Ability to teleport great distances on the map

The fruits in Blox Fruits are classified into three different categories depending on the abilities they give the player.


These are the most frequent fruits in Blox Fruits, and they stand out for not having a passive ability


They grant the ability to become a creature with truly extraordinary powers


Grants elemental skills for good defense

These three categories bring together a series of Blox fruits that can be consumed by any player to acquire certain abilities.

To acquire these fruits in Blox Fruits, you can go to the in-game fruit vendor. He will appear in the Blox Fruits starting area, you can acquire any fruit you want and override it in Beli or Robux. Fruit vendors have limited inventory.

There are also ways to get these fruits for free. You only have to travel the planet, or the leafy areas, since the trees and plants generate fruits every forty-five minutes. To get these fruits, you need to check under every tree or plant in the game.

Some fruits can be found scattered around the map in places such as: the jungle, the desert, the middle island and the pirate valley, among many others. Explore the entire planet of Blox Fruits, and achieve the fruits.

There are two fruits that exist in Blox Fruits, of which nine can be awakened. As you already know, depending on the skills they give, their cost changes, which can range from five thousand Robux to three,200.000 Robux.

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