How to Strengthen Dragons in Dragon City

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The benefit that our dragons get in Dragon City Being empowered is to increase strength, combat statistics, hp and more functions, with each power a star is added to our dragon, it is something akin to an enchantment so that dragons are more resistant. We can strengthen our dragons through the tree of life, we will need a number of orbs for the relevant factor, the more orbs we have, the more stars our dragon will have.

With this each dragon will exceed level forty, with one star nvl45, with two nvl50, with three nvl55 with four nvl60 and with five stars the last level would be seventy. By strengthening our first dragon we will have access to unique compilations and by filling each one we will receive incredible rewards. We have the possibility to strengthen any dragon continuously once we meet the appropriate portion of orbs, you just have to visit the (ready) tab to see which dragons can be strengthened. The dragons in the dragon house will not appear there until after they have been put into a habitat.

How to Strengthen Dragons in Dragon City

How to Strengthen Dragons in Dragon City

At any time we can strengthen our dragons, as long as they are not busy breeding or on a mission, this function is free from level two and only one dragon can be made at a time. One other benefit is the dragon master points (PMD), they will give us much more with each dragon that we strengthen and in our game profile in "Dragon City" both in the draco book they will be reflected each and every one of those that we have enchanted just like we are going to see those of other players.

In case of doubt, the orbs are achieved in packages and offers in the game, on different occasions for doing missions or having a good burst in the pvp of Dragon City Much cheaper offers are received, but that does not change that the only way to get them is to buy them.

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