How to Take off the Head in Roblox

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Without a doubt, one of the great challenges in Roblox is making our avatar totally original. So, for this it would be useful to know and/or understand how to remove the head in roblox to ensure that our avatar looks completely strange and unique.

Now, since the goal is to get a headless avatar in roblox or with an invisible head, carefully read the step by step now. Clearly this will surprise more than one gamer in Roblox!

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How to Take off the Head in Roblox (one hundred percent effective tricks)

Actually, if you are a new gamer in Roblox or a specialist of those who call themselves "robloxian" it does not matter. Since here we give you the guide so that your avatar participates in the headless expeditions. And even suddenly, possibly like this (with the invisible head) manage to escape quickly from any unexpected event.

Remember that on the Roblox platform nothing is normal since everything is brilliantly different from reality. This thanks to the inventiveness and imagination of the gamers that reaches its maximum expression when it comes to updating the avatar.

  • First of all, you must open your Roblox session as usual and make sure that your avatar does not have any accessories on its head
  • In case your avatar looks something on the head, you must proceed to edit exactly the same removing everything that is on the head.
  • Next, you have used the Windows search engine and type the following in the search bar: Roblox Player
  • After “Roblo Player” is displayed on the screen, right click on this option
  • Then proceed to choose (in the submenu that is displayed) the option "open file location", immediately you will see two files
  • Position yourself on the file that is of interest to us, which is "Roblox Player" and again right click on it
  • Select the option “open file location” and click on the folder called “content” until you locate the subfolder named “avatar”
  • Now, choose the "head" folder, this is "heads" in English, and right-click on it so that you can remove the head of your avatar under the following modalities:
    • Drag the “heads” folder out of the “avatar” folder leaving it for example in the desktop area
    • You can also right click on the “heads” folder and choose the crop option to then paste this content elsewhere

Finally, log into any game on the Roblox platform to view your artwork. In other words, you will be surprised to see your avatar without a head, thereby clarifying the riddle of: How to remove your head in roblox.

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