How to Teleport in Brookhaven

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teleport? It's possible! What's more, we are going to educate you on how to teleport in Brookhaven there are no limits on Roblox. If you thought that recreating a tsunami, burning down a house or running naked is something crazy, it is because you did not know that teleporting was an alternative.

Many things to know and we on this website are going to take care of teaching you one by one. You just have to follow the weblog daily or search for all the material we have put together for you.

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How to Teleport in Brookhaven

How to teleport in Brookhaven?

Through an easy procedure you can move from one place to another without walking or flying. It is essential to mention that if you do not do the step by step in the right way you will not achieve success, you must do it without suppressing the details. You must do this:

  1. Before starting you need a scooter, an ambulance and a pump
  2. Now then, let's get started. You must go to the menu choose an ambulance
  3. Get into the ambulance and lie down on the table.
  4. Now go and get the bomb from your inventory and withdraw your ambulance
  5. You will notice that your character stays with the bomb in the middle of the road, but as if it were tremendous.
  6. Now you will get on the scooter and you will go around until you find a place to deposit the bomb
  7. At this point, you must drop the bomb and go anywhere, whichever you prefer.
  8. Without getting off the motorcycle, you are going to go to the inventory and choose the bomb again and there the magic happens. You will appear right where you left it.

It's not magic! you have teleported

You can do this from one side of the city to another as many times as you want.

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