How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

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You want to sell a rare item or trade a pet. In Pet Simulator X, we can find the Discord server, which is used to make the exchange in the game of Roblox. This way we can acquire the pets we want, it is also a good option to get coins or diamonds.

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How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

How to trade in Pet Simulator X Roblox

The exchange system in Pet Simulator X is ideal for selling or exchanging any item, and even a pet. The exchange system is a good option in the game; just by sending a request for an item or pet that we want to sell or exchange on the Discord server, and waiting for a player to be interested in our offer.

Steps to make the exchange in Pet Simulator X:

  1. The first thing we must do is choose the inventory of our pets.
  2. Then we will click on the trade option that is identified with two arrows.
  3. Then we choose from our friends list a player with whom we want to exchange.
  4. Once we enter the exchange option we will choose the pet we want to exchange.
  5. At that moment the other player will choose the pet he wants to exchange for ours.
  6. The other player has the option to acquire the pet if they have nothing to trade.
  7. We also have the option of using the exchange system to give items or pets to our friends.
  8. Once the players are satisfied with the exchange to be made, they must click on the ready option.
  9. By clicking on the "ready" option, players will see a timer with a recessive account, which serves to cancel the exchange made.
  10. Once the timer has expired there is no option to undo the swap.

Exchange system settings in Pet Simulator X

Players have the option to customize the settings of the trading system, so you will not receive trading requests from other players.

  1. Once we log into the Pet Simulator X game, we are going to choose the pet inventory.
  2. Then we will click on the toothed wheel that is on the right of the screen.
  3. The configuration menu of the exchange system will open.
  4. Where we are going to visualize the next options:
    • All: players can send you trade requests.
    • Amigos: Only friends on our list can send us exchange requests.
    • Disabled: the exchange option will be blocked and absolutely no one can send us requests.

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