How to unban my account in Dragon City

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First of all, to find out the reason for Banning one of our accounts from “Dragon City” you have to take into consideration their motives and reasons why these may be (use of illegal hacks and cheats in the game). Whether it is to advance massively or have great resources sooner than expected, these are some of the more basic reasons for account bans.

There are different types of bans, whether permanent, for days and suspensions, among many others. In such a case that our accounts are completely banned, it would be essentially impossible to recover the account since this ban consists eminently of the aforementioned, the absolute unavailability of the account we use. If the reason for the ban was due to a game error, there are the possibilities of contacting the game assistant to report the event, whether due to error, confusion and/or in different cases, technical problems that the game has had.

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How to unban my account in Dragon City

Can you unban Dragon City account?

A while back there was a massive player ban on “Dragon City» due to the fact that many of these continuously abused hacks and this made the SocialPoint company opt for stricter measures regarding the creation and implementation of anti-hacks for the game. So many reports of multiple players came to light for the loss and suspension of their accounts.

So it can be concluded that if our account was banned either permanently or temporarily, SocialPoint has certain reasons to do so or it may have been due to the exact same game failure. And in these types of cases we should contact the support of “Dragon City” or directly to the company and report the event and wait for answers.

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