How to Update the Machines in My Café

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My Cafe Recipes And Stories is an incredible game in its facets, you must have a huge administration in each and every one of the precise departments, apart from having baristas, rehabilitation of our premises, the precise machinery to work, the missions that we must pass in each and every level and events that can bring us exclusive benefits.

If you want to get the most out of your business, you are in the right place, today we are going to explain how to update the frames in My Cafe

How to Update the Machines in My Café

How to Update the Machines in My Café

The plots in your business are one of the vital parts, the ones that together with all the staff that we have in our enterprise help us to get our business forward. In the beginning we will only be able to have easy plots with a low-cost recipe book, so earnings will be slower and you may lose money.

Therefore, it is necessary to have more innovative machines that allow us to make advanced recipes. At the beginning, updating a plot is going to be very expensive, but it is extremely necessary to take this kind of danger in order to emerge. 

We have two options to be able to update our plots in My Cafe, the first and easiest is when we talk with Ana, one of the workers in our cafeteria, where we explain to her that it is of interest to us to update a certain machine, in the dialogue of this talk the option of making the change for coins that we acquire in the game. 

Another option we have in the My Cafe It is through the commands, for this we must leave the frame pressed for a few seconds, the command menu will appear and you put the message up! Which will give you direct access to the acquisition of the new machine with exactly the same cost.  

Join the My Cafe and manage your money so you can upgrade each and every machine in your business. 

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