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The Skypiea in Blox Fruits, are a series of islands that are made up of clouds. These islands are located to the east of Jungle Island. The Skypiea Islands begin on a small sea island that contains a certain amount of cloud. These clouds are connected to the islands of greater size and height. We want you to learn how to upload on Skypiea Blox Fruits from Roblox.

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How to Upload on Skypiea Blox Fruits

How to upload on Skypiea Blox Fruits

Skypiea is made up of a series of islands connected to each other by clouds.

Skypiea's First Island

The first island of the group that makes up Skypiea, is identified by having an attractive half-moon shape and a ship distributor. Around this island, you will achieve a wide variety of rocks, including the crazy scientist, the one who hides behind one of them. Upon entering the island, you will see a huge lake, which occurs in one of the highest islands. On this island, you will achieve a chest classified as normal, this one will be on one of the rocks that surround this island.

Skypiea's second island

This island is situated in the sky, and is made up of clouds. Here you will achieve 4 Sky Bandits, which are at level one hundred and fifty of Blox Fruits. Upon reaching the island, you will achieve a church temple in which Yoshi is hiding. This character is the one who has the Tomoe Ring for sale. You will have the possibility of locating a hidden chest on the stairs of the church building.

Skypiea third island

This island is considered to be the smallest of the entire set of islands of Skypiea. The area of 鈥嬧媡his island is covered with grass in which you will achieve 6 trees. Here you will find 4 opponents called Dark Master, who are at level one hundred and seventy-five of Blox Fruits.

Fourth Skypiea Island

Here you will achieve each and every NPC of Skypiea. This particular island has no opponents and you can get assigned a mission on it. Abandoned houses and buildings abound on this fourth island of Skypiea.

Taking into account the peculiarities of each of these islands, it will be considerably easier for you to identify how to upload upload in Skypiea Blox Fruits.

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