How to Use Fifty Exp Free Fire Card and What It Is For

These are cards that fulfill the function of making users raise their experience level or to achieve a good amount of gold in games. Keep in mind that all these rewards are temporaryEverything will depend on how long you have the card.

It should be noted that cards first came to the game in the year two thousand and nineteen with the world series era, where they were won in duo games and squads. If you want to know how to use free fire fifty exp card and what exactly is it for, you must continue reading this new content.

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How to Use Fifty Exp Free Fire Card and What It Is For

How to activate the fifty Exp Free Fire card?

  • Get started, logging in Free Fire.
  • Then, choose the section called CLOTHING.
  • We click on the bonus card which is located on the right side of the game.
  • We can visualize each and every one of the cards that we have its percentage of one hundred percent or 50 percent and the validity period of each card.

Once the card and its value have been verified, we will proceed to activate it:

  • We are located in the main screen of the game (Lobby).
  • Then we went to game mode.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, we are going to visualize our Free Fire level.
  • We select our shield that is next to our level of play.
  • Immediately our bonus card will not appear in such a case. fifty percent .
  • we chose it by doing click on the card.
  • You will have two options activar o deactivate.
  • In this case choose activate card.

What is the atrejta fifty exp free fire worth?

The XP letters swith items that, when activated, provide a higher percentage of XP for a while. For example, if you got a XNUMX% card over seven days, every game you play in those seven days will guarantee double XP.

Once you acquire a card, it kicks in right after it's activated, which means that if your card claims XNUMX percent and lasts for three days, you're going to get double experience in your games over that time. , either double gold as appropriate.

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