How to Walk Through Walls in MeepCity

If you are a MeepCity enthusiast and you like to get the most out of the game by discovering its tricks or bugs that are present in the game map. In this new installment we bring you a new trick where we are going to teach you how to go through walls in MeepCity. And thus be able to enter each and every one of the houses of MeepCity Roblox.

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How to Walk Through Walls in MeepCity

How to walk through walls in MeepCity Roblox

This time we are going to take advantage of a bug present in MeepCity. A bug, for those who are not aware, is a failure or failure in the programming of a video game, these bugs can be caused by a failure in an update or they can be intentionally generated by a user outside the game.

This time we are going to make use of a bug to go through the walls in the MeepCity game. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Take advantage of a bug in the MeepCity game (procedure 1)

  1. When starting a session on the game map we must find a wall.
  2. We are going to place ourselves in the corner of the wall that we want to cross.
  3. We must place our avatar in the corner and then support the head in the entire corner.
  4. We are going to configure the game camera in first person, to focus on the feet of our avatar. To make sure that we position the camera properly we must see through our avatar the rest of the game map.
  5. Now, very carefully, we must go up the head of our avatar little by little without stopping to see the corner of the wall.
  6. Immediately after we finish raising our heads, we're going to set the camera back to third person.
  7. If we move slowly we will realize that we have passed the wall and we are on the other side.
  8. We just have to practice this procedure multiple times to make it fast and without incident.

Take advantage of a Bug in the MeepCity game (procedure two)

  1. Once in the MeepCity game we are going to stand on any wall.
  2. Then we are going to crouch down against the wall.
  3. We are going to subtly move our avatar to the right or left.
  4. Let's set the camera to focus on the avatar from above.
  5. We immediately add a dance to the avatar, and automatically we will go through the wall.
  6. The bug can be exploited on any wall in the game.
  7. This procedure is somewhat complicated to carry out, we just have to be patient and practice it multiple times on a wall.

They are two proven methods to go through walls in MeepCity. The bugs present in the game are usually corrected when they introduce a new update. 

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