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Theft It is one of the best that you will find in Free Fire that can be obtained in the store and is widely used by players who want to use gloo walls. Since, with this pet you will be able to significantly improve the durability and endurance of these walls, so we will have better coverage against the attacks of the opponents.

If you want to know everything about Theft Free Fire We invite you to this new guide! Since, shortly we are going to give you certain essential data and peculiarities of this pet indicated in this entertaining and innovative battle Royale. Let's start from this moment!

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Robo Free Fire

All about Free Fire Theft

Robo is a kind of robot that has cat-like ears, but it is really useful on the island to improve your defenses.

Free Fire Theft Skill

The ability that Theft has free fire It's the metal wall. This ability improves the durability of Gloo walls by sixty, eighty or one hundred auxiliary points depending on the level of Theft.

  • Level one Adds a shield to gloo walls, giving them sixty extra hit points.
  • Level two Adds a shield to gloo walls, giving them eighty extra health points.
  • 3 level: Adds a shield to gloo walls, giving them an extra hundred hitpoints.

Furthermore, Hurto free fire Help your gloo wall defenses thrive so they can take more damage and you can have cover for longer. Keep in mind that Pickpocketing is not free to get, but you can get it in the store for 400 diamonds.

Free Fire Hurto Skins

  • Robo Professor of Death: Available for 500 diamonds.
  • Winter Robbery: Available for 300 diamonds.
  • Spring festival robbery: Available for 300 diamonds.

Names for Free Fire robbery

Now that you know the essential peculiarities of this pet in Free Fire, surely you find it interesting to know certain best names that you can give it. It is very normal that you want to stand out in each and every one of the possible ways, that is why we know that the name of your pet must also be amazing. For that reason, we want to offer you some names that will serve to inspire you.

Some of the names for Free Fire Theft are the ones that we will present to you below:

  1. ✠Smสug
  2. Desire
  4. H ???w ????????
  5. Nσявеяят
  6. ≪L c
  7. ????????????????? ▤
  8. japanese yen ←řøßő→ japanese yen
  9. Super theft
  10. 「Ⓡⓞⓑⓞ」
  11. rajdeep

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