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Free Fire is a truly essential game globally. This is because Garena keeps the game updated, with great surprises that keep its enthusiasts active. Thanks to this, millions of people have joined this great planet that offers the well-known title.

And it is that this well-known game is not only popular among men, since it is also played by many women, who have proven their incredible skills on the Free Fire battlefield. If you want to know the Id of girls who play Free Fire read on! Since, soon we will be giving you a list with the best of this battle Royale. Let us begin!

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Id of Girls who Play free fire

Id of girls who play free fire

Crack Alley

Away is a young girl dedicated to social networks, who develops more on the YouTube platform where she makes varied content, more eminently around Free Fire gameplays. In its content, Free Fire stands out, a game in which the young woman from Mexico focuses most of her videos.

She reached one of her proposed goals in the game, getting the Heroic rank unusually throughout a game with multiple precise moves. In addition to this, he tends to celebrate his triumphs with his community, since when he increases thousands and thousands of followers as the different ranks he achieves.

ID: 45254676

I'm Lala

Sooy Lala is a Mexican gamer that has gained popularity through YouTube, where it develops through videos dedicated to Free Fire. Her community admires and supports her, thus being among the best and most popular players.

The videos of this video blogger are dedicated to the Free Fire community. In this special way is dedicated to teaching the different skins that can be achieved in the game. This is how he makes content showing how he gets different suits, combinations and trying out different incubators.

ID: 468010727


Princess X He carries out Free Fire gameplay content where he can be seen trying out different weapons of the game, such as ranking up in the qualifiers, and different games where he plays in a duo against squads.

The most outstanding content of this video blogger is related to the Free Fire. In addition to this, he shares many gameplays with the best moments of his games. Also, he focuses on revealing a lot of details, so he shows different weapons that he tests and how he ranks up through his ranked matches.

ID: 635148388

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