In Which Region Do They Give Diamonds in Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire It is considered today one of the most essential and respected mobile video game consoles of all time. But what is this due to? Since simple! The developer of the renowned title always holds its users in expectation, with different events, prizes, skins and other surprises.

Thanks to the number of followers that this popular game for video consoles attracts, many want to compete to be the best. Therefore, one of the most common questions is In which area do they give away diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to know, we invite you to take a look at this new material!

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In Which Region Do They Give Diamonds in Free Fire

In which region do they give away diamonds in free fire? – Everything you need to know

The Europe area is well known for practically give away diamonds and other amazing free fire skins. In addition to this, offering great surprises for its biggest fans, One of the events that gave great occasions was the so-called "Survivor Challenge". In this event they offered the following rewards for free:

  • Diamond Light Royale Tickets.
  • Name change ticket.
  • Incubator ticket.
  • Box of trading cards (you will have the possibility of getting Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • Box to play with your duo, where they offer both parties many benefits for their friendship in free fire.

Another of the most popular areas where they give you diamonds in free fire is the Brazil region. There you will be able to locate a recharge event where for recharging a thousand diamonds they give you six boxes of diamonds. The most essential thing is that those diamond boxes bring many diamonds one hundred percent insured.

Keep in mind that the most you can achieve by buying these boxes is 10 thousand diamonds, which is really interesting, if you want to have a larger amount of this currency in Free Fire.

In order to get this box you must go to the event, and then top up the free amount for this acquaintance event in brazil, ranging from fifty diamonds to a thousand diamonds. So, you are only going to have to open it to surprise yourself with many diamonds.

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