Inspiration Catalyst release date in Dragonflight, when to craft the armor set?

dragonflight is the new and 9ᵉ extension of World of Warcraft, it takes place on the Dragon Islands where a new threat that we thought eliminated forever resurfaced!

Again Affixes, a brand new Raid, a season of Competitive PvP and the opening of mythical+. This is what awaits us at the opening of the first season of dragonflight !


When will the Inspiration Catalyst be available in Dragonflight? 

Its name is not yet known in French so we will call it "Catalyst inspiration allows you to transform any object from the first season of Dragonflight into a set piece for your class. This feature will only be available 6 weeks after the Mythic Difficulty release of the Vault of Incarnations raid, i.e. 23 January 2023.

For the moment, we don't have any more information regarding its location, the currency required, or even why it will be released so late, forcing players who only play Mythic+ and PvP to set foot in raids.

How does it work? 

Once available, you will be able to use any piece of gear obtained in Season 1 of dragonflight via Competitive PvP, Mythic+, or Raid and whether it is located on Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, or Legs and then you can apply your class' set bonus. 

A cooldown may be installed as at the start of its appearance at Shadowlands limiting you to one piece per week.

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