Is Dante in Bayonetta 3?

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After the most recent Nintendo Direct, we learned a lot of new information about upcoming games. One of those games was Bayonetta 3, and we got a brand new gameplay trailer for the game.

Was it Dante in Bayonetta 3?

The new Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer showed us a lot of gameplay from the latest installment in the series which will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The most notable thing, however, happened at the end of the trailer. We saw a mysterious character that would be Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise.

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We can't be 100% sure, but a lot of people think it was Dante. Some other theories also point towards Virgil also from the DMC series. Some more likely scenarios however mention that it could also be Jeanne de Cereza who served with Bayo as an Umbran Witch.

Quotes from some people in the Bayonetta community:

Hold the phone! who is it at the end? it's Dante!? ~jpfan1989

Sounds like Virgil from Devil May Cry or another incarnation of Dante. ~Ejadaddy

Dante, I'm pretty sure. ~ Thief

Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer

There is no definitive answer to this question, but many people like to park their hype trains at the speculation station. Only time will tell and confirm or deny if this was indeed Dante from Devil May Cry.

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