Is Free Fire bad or good?

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Many people wonder if playing Free Fire is bad or good, from parents to the players themselves, they have ever been asked about this well-known Garena game.

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Is free fire game dangerous?

Here we leave you this viral video of Free Fire, a dangerous addiction...

Why is it bad to play free fire?

The findings indicate that spending an hour or two playing games offers academic and cognitive benefits. According to studies carried out, it was found that children who spend nine hours or more had behavioral problems, lack of social skills and sleep disorders.

What are the consequences of playing free fire?

If the time of manipulation of games for video consoles is not controlled, this will be an addiction disorder according to the world health organization. The WHO coded video game use disorder as 6C51 in the international classification of diseases (ICD one).

Free Fire has an age limitation; prohibited for people under one years old. This is because the developers of the game considered it necessary that their service clients have developed enough sensitive and abstract intelligence to distinguish between real life and virtual life, that is, that it has evolved in the formal operations stage. This phase is the last of the stages of cognitive development proposed by Piaget.

What does free fire mean is bad?

Free fire is bad for children, it means that it is not a game developed for that age, but rather for adults, so it is not suitable for children.

Is it good to play free fire?

Sociability. This game encourages popular interaction, both real and virtual. You form projects and strategy at exactly the same time, having to cooperate with your teammates to help each other find victory. In this way, affinities are created, and due to the virtual planet, different ethnic groups and people are understood.

Teamwork. Teamwork is essential to win games. On this will depend the skills, abilities and abilities that correspond to one part of each member of the team to promote communication, commitment and coordination. These quirks that they have will not only serve to play, but also for essential components such as work life.

overcoming aptitude. In the game there are multiple setbacks that you must overcome to be the winner. It also provides you with the skill to increase your abilities, apart from studying to overcome the frustration of losing in a game. It teaches that to be a champion you must practice day by day and offer what is indicated in itself, as in any competition.

At what age can you play free fire?

We do not advise minors to play Free Fire.

What is the average age of free fire players?

As it seems to be. it is circulating on the internet that nowadays XNUMX% of gamers are women and this trend is on the rise, and the average age is XNUMX years old.

Can little ones play free fire?

  • Violence in Free Fire it is not explicit, it is authentic. There is blood and the players let out moans of pain already before crumbling and ending.
  • Players they have the possibility of corresponding directly with strangers who may use incapable language, be sexual predators or data thieves.
  • Free Fire disables suspicious accountss, but the app is still exposed to hackers who could boycott the game and steal personal data.
  • From the beginning, Free Fire encourages players to acquire the virtual currency of the game, get weapons and costumes and take part in games of chance. Whether by means of advertisements or masked with the appearance of goals, the pressure to make purchases in Free Fire is really strong.
  • The characters are sexualized. Multiple of the female individuals wear provocative clothing.
  • Exactly exactly the same in the situation of any other digital activity that requires intense concentration, spend too many hours playing free fire It causes eye fatigue (according to the analysis we made at the end of February of the current year, children between four and one years old play Free Fire an average of seventy-four minutes a day).
  • The game does not include parental control native.

Is free fire bad?

What's wrong with Free Fire? Don't play Free Fire, it's a viral YouTube video in which a young Honduran woman makes an appearance claiming that they shouldn't play the platform game Free Fire since it's bad.

Parodies have been made and it has been used as a meme in multiple Free Fire gameplays, such as bugs or unfair things. In addition, parodies of this 芦meme禄 were made, such as a 芦news禄 of 芦last minute禄.

There have also been media that have searched for the young woman from the viral video, to interview her. According to the interview, the young woman asserts that she was a frequent girl who played Free Fire, and that one day she heard a voice telling her to delete the game from her cell phone.

Perceiving this, she decided to moan in her bed since she had told a "guy" to play some games with her, and she had to tell him to delete the game from his cell phone.

Until that, the young woman had already eliminated the game, but something bad would happen to her if she did not tell the guy, so she decided to cry in her bed and then her mother began to comfort her while her sister took the cell phone.

And there on the wall she began to discover terrible things, and her mother asked her what she was seeing, but the young woman could not talk, so that is where it all started, the only thing she could say was:

芦Free Fire is bad, do not play Free Fire, since it has devils that torture you, (sob), uninstall it from your cell phone禄 After everything he has said, some people do not believe what he has said and assume that everything was a parody, others consider that it is not the same young woman, although there were also those who believed.

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