Is Second Extinction crossplay?

    Is Second Extinction crossplay?

    Screenshot via Epic Games YouTube

    Second Extinction has full crossplay between PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S through the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam. Crossplay was introduced in the Pre-Season 6 update on September 30, 2021.

    Second Extinction is a cooperative FPS game where players work together to take down mutated dinosaurs in a variety of environments. The game features up to three teams of players who can embark on various missions with different objectives.

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    With crossplay enabled, players can register from each different platform that Second Extinction is enabled on. Additionally, the update also added matchmaking lobbies and voice chat, so playing with friends should be easier.

    Is Second Extinction crossplay?Screenshot via Epic Games YouTube

    The title is still in early access for PC and Xbox, but the quality of the game keeps getting better with each update. The game was first released on Steam, but made its way to the Xbox Game Pass preview in April 2021. Second Extinction is available for Xbox and PC Game Pass members and is billed as the free game for 24 hours on December 21 for Epic Games. Shop.

    More updates are expected for Second Extinction, and the game features a vibrant community system that influences future game events based on player decisions and actions. As a live-service title, it looks like Second Extinctions has a lot more in store for players in the near future, especially with cross-play, new modes, and new playable characters being added.

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