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If you really want to know who it is LuzGamingxd in Free Fire, we have prepared for you an extensive content, in which we are going to let you know your personal data, such as your free fire id. In addition to this, we are going to tell you his story and everything he does. So, without further ado, let's go!

Currently, free fire has enormous popularity. For that reason, many video bloggers have decided to be part of this great platform. Now, we are going to give you the whole story of LuzGamingxd.

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Pack of LuzGamingxd in Free Fire

LuzGamingxd in Free Fire

Who is LuzGamingxd in Free Fire? Luz Robles Grimaldi is a two-year-old girl, a native of Argentina, on August XNUMX, XNUMX, this young woman has been one of the best Gamer videobloggers in Latin America, despite her young age she has gained a lot of popularity and also It has generated some controversy among its subscribers.

Although it is true, the girl It has given a lot to talk about on social networks, since he does not use his Santiago accent, which has caused inconvenience to many people. In addition to this, of these discomforts that she has generated among some of her subscribers, the young bandeña has also offered support to many others.

How did LuzGamingxd start making videos in free fire?

His fame begins in the year two thousand and fifteen, later with his free fire video "I FACE WATZAP AND FOCUS98 IN A FREE FIRE TOURNAMENT”, managed to acquire more popularity and this became his first video to get more than five hundred thousand views.

She started making videos of live games as a result of depression, which was caused by losing her job at the company where she worked, so depressed and not wanting to leave her house, she started playing and making videos of her games on live.

Pack of LuzGamingxd in Free Fire

Some Free Fire players claim that they have seen the well-known LuzGamingxd package, if you want to know her this is her ID "337682998”, you just have to add it, good luck.

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