Mad City Codes

Mad City Codes

Mad City is a game for video consoles that guarantees hours of fun on the platform Roblox, and that is why it has become one of the most popular. However, like any good game, it has its complexity, especially at the time of evolve your character and get resources.

For this reason, we want to introduce you all Mad City codes on Roblox so that you can use them whenever you want.

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Mad City Roblox Codes

What is Mad City Roblox?

Mad City is one of Jailbreak's direct contenders, since it is quite similar. It is a title that you can decide to be a policeman, prisoner or a hero. The mechanics are very simple, due to the fact that all you have to do is escape from the pursuers, or capture them if you are on the side of the law.

To make everything easier, it is possible to purchase accessories, novelty items, resources and a wide variety of items that cost time and money. Nevertheless, obtaining them is very simple if you use the tricks we have for you.

New Mad City codes

This is the updated list of free cheats to use today:

  • 0MGC0D3
  • D1 US dollars C0
  • realkreek
  • bandites
  • KraoESP
  • Ryguy
  • Napkin
  • 5K37CH
  • UNiQueEe BACON
  • 0N3Y34R

Mad City Old Codes

This list is somewhat longer, but in the same way it will be useful to you:

  • W33K3NDHYP3
  • B3M1N3
  • S33Z4N2
  • S34Z4N3
  • S34Z4N4
  • M4DC1TY
  • T4L3N
  • B34M3R
  • STR33TL1N3

How to exchange mad city codes

As in each and every one of the Roblox games, you just have to look for the twitter icon in the menu. In such a case, it's on your phone, so click on it to bring up a text input screen. Write the code, click on the blue button and this will be enough.

Finally, we clarify that the rewards to receive are random with each code.

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