Map aim Fortnite code, how to practice shooting?

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Our articles on Fortnite Map aim Fortnite code, how to practice shooting? In Fortnite, it is possible to practice shooting via the creative mode with aim maps. We offer you some codes.

Dance Fortnite, the goal is to eliminate opponents using weapons or the environment. It is therefore essential to be able to shoot correctly and quickly. For progress in shooting, it is necessary practice but it's not easy to do it in part especially when there are four enemies who take you in a pincer movement.

To remedy this, some mappers (part builders) created shooting ranges and a whole bunch of different mini-games to be able to train quietly.

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How are shooting aim maps played and how do I access them?

These maps are available in Fortnite's creative mode. We are going to show you two examples of these shooting practice maps.

The first was created by PYROX_2B and train to shoot multiple stationary targets with different weapons: Legendary Scar, Rare AR, Legendary AUG, Legendary Pistol, Legendary P90, and Legendary Desert Eagle.

  • The code for this map is 7929-3927-1977.

For the second, it was created by vinc_ink_tattoo. This map, unlike the other, trains for shooting moving targets and shooting timing. You will be able to use a typical infantry rifle and then a legendary AK from the second round. This map is played in three and can be done in four.

  • The code is 9422-4721-2071.

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