MeepCity Secret Locations

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On the MeepCity map at Roblox, we can find multiple hidden places, which most players do not know exist. In this new installment we are going to show you where certain of these sites are located, so that you can visit them or hide from the rest of the players.

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MeepCity Secret Locations

MeepCity Roblox Secret Locations

Next we are going to show you where certain hidden places are located on the MeepCity map. To get to them you just have to follow the following instructions:

secret place 1

Being in the lagoon of MeepCity, we left to go to a mountainous area that is located between the furniture store and the tunnel to go to the neighborhood; we went up through the mountainous area until we reached the roof of the tunnel; once on the roof we will achieve two turrets; we will jump to the roof of the right tower; We will automatically fall into a hidden corridor in the tower.

secret place 2

To go to the second secret site we must first become small through the colored cylinder that is in the middle of the square; once we reduce the size of the avatar we are going to head to the pet shop; and under this store we are going to get a secret place.

secret place 3

This time we go to the lagoon, and we will enter it to go to the end of it; passing the bridge over the lake, we are going to achieve a structure like the entrance of a tunnel that has a gate; by turning the camera we will achieve the other hidden place of MeepCity.

secret place 4

Once we leave the lagoon we are going to go to the tunnel that is in the neighborhood to teleport, we are going to choose the Large Grass option; once we are teleported we are going to go to the lagoon that has a waterfall in it; On the left side of the waterfall we are going to get a rope that we are going to climb until we reach the origin of the water current; We go to the right side of the screen and begin to climb the mountain until we reach the top of the waterfall where we are going to achieve a tower, where we can stand on top of it.

secret place 5

In exactly the same place where the secret site no. four, we are going to head to a mountain where we can locate two ropes; we are going to climb one of the ropes and go to the top of a mountain that we are going to achieve, the one with a fairly high peak, that we can climb until we reach its top.

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