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There are shakes that are very common in daily life, those that apart from using them on the platform of My Cafe we can make them without any inconvenience from our homes. The number of smoothies that we can make by unlocking the blender in the game are incredible, so in the article we are going to talk about the best smoothies that we have in the beginning of our blender in the business, the milk shake freshness. 

Milkshake Lozania My café

Prepare a fresh milk shake in My Café

The lush milk shake can be unlocked with the blender from level thirty, it has 1 ingredient less than other shakes and is considerably easier to make, the elements to make a lush milk in My Cafe they are not so difficult to achieve, we invite you to always and in all circumstances in your business have a series of savings to make shakes and other recipes that will allow you to climb considerably faster than other players. The ingredients we need for them are:

A portion of a common milkshake, which is made with milk and whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, ice and berries to give it a special aroma. The fruits of the forest are comprised of most of the small strawberries, among them we have blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, strawberries and acai berries.

This type of fruit is rich in fat-soluble vitamin E, has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to the immune system, brings multiple benefits and for this reason they were added to the my coffee, so that you can recreate each of your service customers in your business. 

Join the My Cafe and unlock all kinds of recipes so that you can take them to your business, worry about saving a lot so that when you pass the level you make large investments in the game and you can continue producing enough profits to succeed in this cafeteria and restaurant simulator . 

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