MrBeast Fortnite Extreme Survival Challenge Quest Information

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Fortnite continues to make people talk with more and more incredible collaborations. For this month of December, the collaboration in question is with MrBeast. This collaboration gives rise to skins, a new island and challenges.

MrBeast's Extreme Challenge is a new challenge that contains many rewards, including 1 million euros and a exclusive umbrella. But you can unlock quests and even more types of cosmetics!


MrBeast Fortnite Extreme Survival Challenge Quest Information

Quests will not be available only from 15 p.m. (Paris time) le 13th December 2022.

These will be available exactly at the same time as MrBeast's Extreme Challenge Island! So you can do them while training for the Extreme challenge who begins the December 17 at 18 p.m. (Paris time) and ends at 21 h.

All of this quests are in number two people, with a quest that allows you to collect the MrBeast Kid aerosol: 

And the second a MrBeast Survival Games loading screen:

Even if we don't know the exact requirements to succeed in completing these quests, we already know that to complete these quests, you will have to make sure you have a minimum score at the MrBeast Extreme Challenge. To score Challenge you must survive traps and collect as many coins as possible.

These two quests will be available until January 5, 2023 at 0:59 am (CET).

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