New Diablo Immortal Update, All About Terror's Tide

Diablo Immortal continues content updates with the 1.7 Terror's Tide, the Surge of Terror. This new patch brings a lot of new things, whether it's balancing, new modes, new gems and a new area.

The Surge of Terror, or Terror's Tide, is one of Diablo Immortal's biggest content updates since its release in June 2022. Here's the full list of what's new, from the new zone to the new gems.


The complete list of what's new in Terror's Tide, the new Diablo Immortal update

We will, in this article, offer you a full list of Diablo Immortal changes. We will offer you a summary of each addition, if you want to have the details of the changes do not hesitate to visit the official website.

New Zone: The Storm Relay (Stormpoint)

A whole new area will be available: the Stormy Relay, also called Stormpoint.

This new area will require you to be level 60 and have difficulty hell 3 unlocked. Finally, you will need to complete the quest line star sign. Once you've done that, you can head to the Storm Relay, an island secret, having served as a prison. A dark place beaten by the rain all day long where a Cult of Terror besiege him keep to find a terrible treasure: the biggest fragment of Pierre-Monde ever discovered.

You will find a new main story quest and many new monster types. You can find an overview video from the developers.

New temporary event: Brumaltine

A new event is appearing for the holidays: Brumaltine ! From December 14 to January 3, return to Ouestmarche to find out what gifts await you. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our article on Brumaltine.

New Legendary Gems

Five new gems appear: Heartstone, Kir's Sling, Volatile Fragment, Force of Will et Hellstone Fragment. If you want to know more about these gems, visit our dedicated article.

Reliquary Changes and Additions

Five new bosses will be added to the infernal reliquary:

  • Ophinneb the Skintiche, available in Hell 5 to 6 combat rating and which unlocks the Hell 6 difficulty.
  • Catarag the Scorching Sun, available in Hell 6 at 8 combat rating.
  • Dymdrail the Prowl Malheur, available in Hell 6 at 8 combat rating.
  • Apothrus the Tamer of the Fallen, available in Hell 6 to 8 combat score and which unblocked the difficulty Hell 7.
  • Phangwrth the Heat Eater, available in Hell 7 and unlocks the difficulty Hell 8.

Le Reliquary also has some changes, including a new Infernal Reliquary of Void Demons. You can access it by completing The Chain Breakers quest..

Here are some examples of changes. If you want to know more, visit the Official website.

  • The Reliquary Raids are now doable on their own.
  • You can form groups with players evolving in other difficulties hell.
  • The bosses will get stronger with the hell levels.
  • Demonic remains have been changed, especially regarding their appearance.

New Reward Systems: Referral

Le Referral was added in Diablo Immortal. It will be available from 14 December at 11 January. To take advantage of this system, go to your less sponsorship to find a Referral Code. If you share your code to a character with a level less than 20 and who finished the introduction of Diablo immortal, you will be able to enter the reward system. You can sponsor 3 people.

New Diablo Immortal Update, All About Terror's Tide

As soon as a person passes certain levels or if you play with them in instanced PvE, you will receive a shower of rewards, including Legendary emblems.

New Reward Systems: Hallowed Plains Ghost Market

A new market with a new currency, the obols, is available. These can be purchased with eternal orbsMarket is only available until January 11.

New Diablo Immortal Update, All About Terror's Tide

Using obols allows you to participate in a lottery that will give you random rewards. If you have participated 10 times, you will have obtained all Market rewards, the company a set.

Changes and balances:

Adding system:

  • Add a Barber to modify the character in Westmarch.
  • New battle pass for Season 8.
  • Back from the event Moon of blood.
  • Bug fixes.

Added Hell 6, 7 and 8 difficulties.

  • hell 6 will give 360 ​​to 599 paragon items with 6 power monsters.
  • hell 7 will give 480-719 paragon items with 8 power monsters.
  • hell 8 will give 600-900 paragon items with 11 power monsters.

Modification on the drop rates of the legendaries:

  • Increased chance of drops with bounties.
  • Completing the first bestiary quest guarantees a legendary item.
  • Completing 3 daily dungeons guarantees a set item, once per day.

Paragon Levels:

  • Bonus if your paragon is lower than the server mounted at 800%.
  • Legendary drop rate increase for vastly inferior paragon characters increased by 250%.

Paragon Trees:

  • New tree: Massacre: Increases your strength if you do kill streaks.
  • New Tree: Grab : Increases character and party defense against elites.
  • New Tree: Duelist: Increases damage if you don't get hit. If you get hit, you deal damage based on how long you weren't out.
  • Point Deceives death now has 210 seconds of cooldown.

Le Monk also received a lot of balancing, including a lot of positive tweaks and buffs. The and Vithu's Desire has also been changed. Visit the Official website for more details.

Shadow Wars:

The immortal will no longer be able to run during the encounter without stopping. A stamina bar will force him to fight. A highly anticipated change that will do a lot of good for this event.

New cosmetic set: Grakkinskin

The Grakkinski Ensemblen is now available in the shop for 1000 Eternal Orbs. Here is an overview:

New Diablo Immortal Update, All About Terror's Tide

The changes brought by this update are colossal. We have chosen to offer you a summarized version of the list of novelties and there was already a lot to say. Feel free to visit the full list of changes !

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