New Fortnite pump, lever-action shotgun at patch 15.20

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Our articles on Fortnite New Fortnite pump, lever action shotgun in patch 15.20 A new pump shotgun is coming to Fortnite, with the 15.20 update!

After 4 weeks without news, a new update is finally underway on Fortnite : that of patch 15.20. This update should bring a number of new features to the game, and a patch note has been sent to content creators by email.

In this one, we discover in particular that a new pump comes into the game: lever action shotgun !

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Lever action shotgun, Fortnite's new pump

The tactical pump and the charge pump will no longer be the only pump shotguns in the game, since a brand new pump will be added to the list: the lever action shotgun !

The weapon is added with game patch 15.20, and should be strong enough according to its description in the patch note, which is as follows:

鈥淒rop the sauce! The lever-action shotgun is nothing short of a blaster, and a single, well-placed shot is enough to take down the toughest target. It's available as regular loot, so feel free to grab it and let us know what you think. 禄

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To find this weapon, nothing could be simpler, since it will be available in the regular loot ! This means that it will be possible to find it on the ground, or in different chests. The weapon is available in five rarities different, and you can find its characteristics on the visual below:

Lever-action shotgun in Fortnite. (source: @Zatheo)

The shotgun should be available as soon as the update is complete!

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