Nindo Fortnite, how to get Naruto rewards?

Our articles on Fortnite Nindo Fortnite, how to get Naruto rewards? Naruto rewards can be unlocked for free in Fortnite thanks to The Nindo! We explain how it works.

The highly anticipated collaboration between Fortnite and Naruto is finally available! It is possible to buy many character skins from the manga, but also to discover the new battle bus customized for the occasion. A special weapon is also to be discovered in the game: the explosive parchment kunai!

But that's not all, since many rNaruto rewards are free to unlock every day in the game. These are the challenges The Nindo which are to be completed to unlock rewards, we explain how it works.

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The Nindo on Fortnite to unlock Naruto rewards

To unlock different Naruto rewards, it is necessary to go to the site The Nintendo (source), and log in to your Epic Games account. Once that's done, you'll find the character task of the day on the home page, along with the objective to complete.

Each day, the objective as well as the reward are modified. By participating daily, you will be able to win 5 emotes from the Naruto universe for free, as well as a glider and a loading screen. Come back every day to discover the new goal to achieve !

For this day 2, it is Sakura who gives the following objective: to obtain 100 points. You'll earn 1 point for every 100 points of damage you deal to enemies, and once that 100 points is reached, you'll unlock the Sad Sakura emote.

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