Normal and Heroic Dathea Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

But before that, the fifth raid boss is Dathea, a night elf that you have faced in the past, especially as a member of the Prime Council. Now transcended by the power of Primalistes, she takes the form of a wind elemental.


Normal and Heroic Dathea Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

The clash of Dathea takes place in a single phase and is punctuated by the arrival of various other elementals.

At the level, the boss is stationary in the center of the room. You will suffer zephyr strike. This spell deals damage and knocks you back. The more you are hit, the further you will be knocked back and the more damage you will take. Switch tanks every 3 stacks or until the inactive tank's debuff ends. Stay well within range of Dathea at all times.

Players will be targeted by Marque conductive, taking damage over time. The healers must be careful of affected players as they will take exponential damage. Be careful not to approach players with the Conductive Mark, as it spreads to any nearby player.

In the room, Tornadoes named Raging Storms are moving. Avoid them as much as possible. Moreover, they inflict periodic damage à the whole raid. These Storms go by time suddenly move. Just before they move, arrows will appear at their base, indicating their direction futures.

Last but not least, Dathea will use Cyclone. During this incantation, she attracts all players towards her while inflicting significant damage. The healers must be very careful with this skill. Don't get drawn into the center of the room..

Apart from these skills, Dathea has energy bar. When the latter is full, She uses Coalescing Storm and summons a series of elementals.

En Fashion , it just invokes a Unstable Imprinter. You must quickly kill this elemental by interrupting it in a loop and dodging windy areas on the ground. It must be tanked.

Upon death, it explodes, inflicting damage to all player characters and throwing in the air. In Normal, just watch out for damage.

In , in addition to summoning an add on the main platform, Dathea summons several adds on one of the outer platforms: another unstable Imbuer and Thundercaller.

You must therefore quickly kill the first Unstable Imbuer close to the edge of the room then dispatch much of the raid with a tank and healers in the air thanks to the explosion on the death of the Impregnator to be able to access the second platform.

Once part of the raid has been sent high up, interrupt the Thundercallers et the impregnator unstable to reduce damage taken. Kill the Thundercallers first and use the explosion of the death of the Unstable Imbuer to return to the main platform.

When a player has gone to the outer platform, they suffer the debuff thunderbolt which deals damage over time. This debuff stacks. So you should try to send different groups to the platforms.

Normal and Heroic Dathea Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

This boss is not very complex on paper but deals a lot of damage to the raid and requires good organization and good management of adds. This will most likely be the raid's healing and DPS wall. for these reasons.

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