Normal and Heroic Diurna Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

But before that, the seventh raid boss and the Diurna Broodguard. The latter defends the clutch of primordial eggs and will use the elements that gather and accumulate in the room.


Normal and Heroic Diurna Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

The fight against Daytime is a two-phase fight with big arrivals of adds in P1 and a race against the clock in P2.

Phase 1 of the clash against Diurna the Broodguard in WoW Dragonflight

During the first phase, you will have 3 objectives: DPS the boss, break the eggs and kill the adds.

The level of , the active tank on the boss will suffer Deathstone Claws which deal a lot of damage and reduce healing. In Phase 1, you just need to use a defensive spell, it is not necessary to change tanks.

The other will have to take care of the different adds that will appear.

The most important mechanic of the phase regards the eggs in the room. The broodguard can't fall below a certain hit point threshold until the eggs are all destroyed by the Bond of the Broodguard. So you have to destroy the eggs.

Moreover, the eggs closest to Diurna will periodically receive Rapid incubation, which will make them hatch after 15 seconds. These are the priority eggs to destroy.

To destroy eggs, you must use the Great Brood Staff skill. At regular intervals, Daytime plants his staff in the ground, dealing damage to nearby players and winning 2 charges of a buff named Wrath of the Greatstaff.

Now that the stick is planted on the ground, you can interact with it through an additional action button that appears on your screen. Click this stick will consume a charge of Wrath of the Greatstaff et will force the staff to fire a beam in your direction. The beam moves slowly and anyone hit takes damage. Any egg hit by the beam will be destroyed.

So when Diurna sticks her stick in the ground, two players is getting closer and use the extra action button, then place one or more eggs, preferably an egg that receives Rapid Incubation, between them and the stick for the laser to pass through and destroy the eggs.

En , destroying an egg triggers Broodmother's Fury, so you must destroy the eggs in stages and not all at once. Wait 10 seconds for the first laser to complete before casting the second.

In addition to these skills, Daytime uses blaze which deals raid-wide damage. In , keep well away from each other so you don't apply multiple spells to someone else. When the spell ends, take out any AoEs that pop up.

Finally, she uses icy veil. what fate inflicts damage et apply healing absorption that must be dissipated or healed.

Apart from these spells, Daytime invoke a large number of adds. We have not shown them in detail on the map above, for readability reasons. Note however that these adds appear all around the room Has precise timings.

If you place the adds that appear close to Daytime, they win Broodguard Link and are harder to kill. You can either keep them away from the boss to avoid this interaction, or put them together with the boss to kill everything faster.

Nascent and Juvenile Proto-Dragons:

  • These appear when an incubated egg is destroyed or reaches the end of its incubation time. In the first case, they are very weak. In the second, they must be tanked and killed quickly.

Taraseke Legionary:

  • They don't do much, just tank them.

Taraseke Earth-Reaver:

  • Must be tanked.
  • Apply a armor debuff on the main tank in Heroic.
  • Uses a skill in cone in front him what it takes absolutely dodge.

Draconid Flamebender:

  • Summons a rotating beam of flame at random players position. Dodge.
  • Throw Cauterizing Flame Flashes. You have to remove the buff that this spell applies to adds with purges.

Drakonid Storm Gate:

  • Tag some players. These latter inflict damage around them, they must move away from the raid.
  • In it also uses Static discharge that need absolutely interrupt.

Mage primaliste :

  • Interrupt all his spells.

Phase 2 of the clash against Diurna the Broodguard in WoW Dragonflight

In phase 2, no more reinforcements will come. However, Daytime inflicts increasingly greater damage and its skills are improved.

Now, as soon as a tank suffers Deadly Stone Claws, it will be necessary to change tank.

Icy Shroud becomes Frozen Shroud. The latter will immobilize the players, you will have to attack the block of ice to free yourself.

Skills Greatstaff of the Broodguard and Wrath of the Greatstaff deal much more damage.

Kill the boss as soon as possible, its damage increases very quickly. Don't forget to destroy all the eggs!

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