Normal and Heroic Kurog Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

But before that, the sixth boss of this raid is Trembling totem-sinister, a character who has been around for a long time, always trying to set up a new order. He had notably sown discord at the wedding of Thalryssa and Lorthemar Theron.


Normal and Heroic Kurog Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

The fight against vibration is a hell of a mess basic skills who is takes place in three phases. The first phase is the most iconic: the Gym contains 4 altars, each representing an element. Each time he approaches an altar, he gains new skills related to the element in question.

Phase 1 of the clash against Kurgo Grimtotem in WoW Dragonflight

For , be careful not to never place Kurog in the center of the room so that he does not use Elemental Surge. When you bring vibration close to a altar, he gains the powers of the altar but also use Elemental variation in . When this spell is used, the raid takes damage and will take 200% more damage from the next Elemental variation during 20 seconds. In Heroic you always have to wait 20 seconds at least before changing altars.

Last but not least, to finish on how to move the boss in the room, each altar has an aura named "Domination" with a different adjective for each altar (burning, terrestrial, freezing, stormy). These spells all have the same principle: they inflict exponential damage every 4 seconds at raid. So the healers must hold the damage suffered and have to shouts Kurog fairly quickly (every 20 seconds at least) toaltar to altar to prevent the damage taken from being too high.

It is not finished. Kurog uses Fracture Strike, the cone skill behind him. Dodge the cone, tank Kurog back to the raid and switch tanks when this skill is cast.

We advise you to start with theAltar of Frost - No more of 20 domination charge, then theflame altar - No more of 15 loads of domination see less then theAutel storms - No more of 15 charges de domination, then theearth altar - No more of 20 domination charges, etc.

The rest of the skills change depending on the altar.

Flame Altar:

  • Stay as close together as possible. When Use Magma Explosion, players will be targeted. A explosion will arrive at their location, which you must dodge. She will then launch a magma puddle which takes up a lot of space, so you want to stick together to avoid putting them all over the room.
  • Many players will be targeted by Incendiary Carnage. Every 1 second for 5 seconds, the ground will explode under their feet. You just have to avoid the AoEs that activate and not be immobile.
  • In , vibration also wins Rupture a fusion. It's an area of 鈥嬧媏ffect cross, centered on vibration, which must be avoided.

Frost Altar:

  • heal the damage dealt to the raid by Frisson mordant.
  • two players will be marked by absolute zero and see a huge blue area surrounding them. Raid him must separate into two people and each half must go help targets share damage. Be careful, if you are affected by two absolute zeros, you risk dying.
  • In , vibration uses frozen torrent. Of scoops of ice cream will appear at 6 locations around it, forming a hexagon. They then go be launched several times in a straight line. You must dodge them. If you are hit, you are stunned. This stun can be dispelled.

Earth Altar:

  • vibration will use Erupting source rock. a Anneau will appear under his feet and move in three steps. During the premiere, it creates an AoE to his body to body. During the second, the AoE expands, leaving room for melee or very far from Kurog. At the third, the year is about 30-40 meters from Kurog. Dodge the ring in all its forms.
  • Seismic Ruptures will spring from the ground. Dodge the brown areas. Of the elementary will then come out of the ground, tank them et kill Em quickly. 
  • En , some players will have a earthy husk. These must be treated quickly.

Altar of Storms:

  • vibration will invoke with lightning strike blue areas on the ground. If no one gets in, they explode and kill the raid. Each zone must absolutely receive a player.
  • He also uses Electrifying explosion, a debuff applied to some players. It's a bomb, the targets must move away from the raid as much as possible.
  • En Heroic, he throws Love at first sight. Some players will deal lightning damage to the nearest player. The players targeted must have a partner who will stay close to them to take the damage.

Phase 2 of the clash against Kurgo Grimtotem in WoW Dragonflight

Once at 100 energy, Kurog goes to 2 phase. He will stand in the center of the room and to be almost invulnerable and summon two elementals. The type of elemental summoned will depend on which two altars you spent the most time in.

Furthermore, all elementals have a spell of Presence which deals damage to the raid for the entire phase. Each tank takes care of an add.

Blazing Demon - Flame Altar Elemental

  • The demon launches Magma flows in the room. Dodge their impact. In , hellions smoking arise from puddles left on the groundInterrupt them and kill them first

Frozen Destroyer - Frost Altar Elemental

  • The Destroyer uses Freezing Storm, dealing damage throughout the room. Stay close to the add to take less damage.
  • He also uses Icy Links You Definitely Need to Break under penalty of suffering Verry much of damage.

Tectonic Terror - Earth Altar Elemental

  • As long as it hits the same target, it gains damage. Change tank before they become unbearable.
  • The Terror mark players with Ground bursting, a bomb shape. Move away from the raid.
  • He also uses Violent uprising, hitting the ground and summoning earth spikes that need imperatively to dodge.

Lightning Ravager - Altar of Storms Elemental

  • The Ravager will teleport to a player and channel Death Current on him. The latter must absolutely get out of the raid so as not to hurt his comrades.

Phase 3 of the clash against Kurgo Grimtotem in WoW Dragonflight

When the second Phase 2 is finished, vibration goes to 3 phase. In this phase, he wins all altar skills, removes their damage auras, and deals increasing raid-wide damage. You must kill him as quickly as possible by managing a large number of skills simultaneously.

If you succeed, you will have won Shiver !

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