Normal and Heroic Raszageth Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

And you made it! Raszageth, the Storm Eater, eighth and final boss of the Vault of Incarnations, didn't wait for you to start breaking down the prison defenses of his siblings. You must now do everything to stop it.


Normal and Heroic Raszageth Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

Being the last confrontation of the Vault of the Incarnations, Raszageth is of course the most complex boss of the instance or in any case the one with the most things to say.

At the time of writing this guide, we have never seen the fight against Raszageth. What we write is just an interpretation of the log, so very limited.

This fight takes place in 3 phases, punctuated by two intervals. You will fight on four different platforms, one in the center and the other three surrounding it to its left, right and in front.

Phase 1 of the clash against Raszageth in Dragonflight

During this first phase, you fight on the main platform. At the level, put the boss against the edge of the room. Change active tank every time the tank Raszageth sudden Electrified Jaw

Dodge it Lightning Breath. It is not yet clear if this cone is necessarily directed towards the tank or not.

The most important mechanic in Phase 1 is Current unstable. Entire raid takes heavy damage and a small Unstable Spark stand next to each player. It is absolutely necessary to make it disappear quickly. For that, you must either interrupt your Spark, which makes it disappear directly, or uses a dissipation on it, but you will need to use more than one. If you miss, the raid takes damage.

Some players will be targeted by Static load and will have to get away from the raid as much as possible to reduce the damage dealt to the raid when exploding from Static load. Moreover, they will leave a Static field at the moment.

All of this Static fields will be useful when of Hurricane Wing. When Raszageth reaches 100 energy, she throws Aile ouragan and tries to push players off the platform. That's why you want to place the boss on one edge of the room, to have as much margin as possible. If you walk in a static field, you will be slowed down and therefore will not fall.

It left two spells for this phase. The first is Electric Scales which inflicts raid-wide damage and put a curse on some players. The have to take care of it. The second and last is Lightnings, simply lightning that must be dodged.

Interval 1 of the encounter against Raszageth in Dragonflight

When Raszageth reaches 70% of life points, it flies away and becomes invulnerable. She starts to remove energy from the Vault and will pass 2 phase once the vault 50% energy points.

During the whole phase, dodge the blasts that the boss throws on the platforms.

Elementals will appear on the two platforms left and right. So you want split the raid into two groups, each going on a platform.

On each platform, you will find a surging Devastator. It's this add that must be killed quickly, because it inflicts raid-wide damage. Moreover, he will increase the damage of other adds.

En Heroic, he also uses Surging Explosion. The targeted players must absolutely deviate from raid.

Then kill them Stormseeker Acolytes, which must be constantly interrupted. In Heroic, they also use Ascension and have much more haste below 50% views.

The last type of adds are the Sworn Vanguards. Try to control them as much as possible.

Phase 2 of the clash against Raszageth in Dragonflight

When the Vault reaches 50% energy, Raszageth goes to phase 2. This phase takes place on the platform at the back of the room.

You will find in this phase some mechanics of the Phase 1:

  • Unstable Current and Unstable Spark
  • Electrified Jaw
  • Electric Scales
  • Lightnings

Raszageth always have energy but when she gets to 100 energy, she now has a new skill Thu replaces Hurricane Wing: storm eruption.

By casting this spell, she applies a huge shield. If the shield is not broken, the fight is lost. You must therefore destroy this shield as soon as possible.

Pendant storm eruption, and as long as the shield holds, players gain Tempest Charge. Each player will have either a positive charge, or a negative charge. If a player stands on top of another player of the same load, greatly increases its damage and healing. If a player stands on top of another player in the opposite charge, it explodes and damages the raid.

Avant storm eruption, stay far enough away from each other. When the spell is cast, find another player of the same sign to increase your respective damage and healing.

The boss also uses withering charge. This spell deals damage to a player and slows them down tremendously. When it explodes, it deals damage to anyone in the area and jumps to the nearest player.

The area withering charge is gigantic. To handle this spell, you want the target player deviates from the raid, while being accompanied distance player who stays close to him. When withering charge explodes, the attendant should recover the debuff but this time with a smaller area. Repeat until the area is small enough not to touch the raid.

The last spell of this phase is Stormwing. This spell creates a ring that spreads from Raszageth, in which you will have to enter in turn to help your healers.

Interval 2 of the encounter against Raszageth in Dragonflight

When the Vault reaches 0% energy, Raszageth flies up again and begins phase 3. You still need to dodge his lightning blasts.

She then invokes several adds appointed Mcolossal storm monsters. These latter inflict damageall players as long as they are alive, launch Ball lightning which must absolutely be avoided and must be killed at the same time.

Occasionally they teleporter in the room and invoke Seeking Stormlings at their starting location. You must quickly kill these stormtroopers before they reach their creators. More the Colossal Storm Monsters are alive longer the more raid damage they do.

When they are dead, you return to the central platform and start phase 3.

Phase 3 of the clash against Raszageth in Dragonflight

During this phase, the main platform gently filled with a massive thunderstorm. Kill the boss before the storm kills you.

Raszageth keeps some skills from phase 1 and 2:

  • storm wing
  • withering charge
  • Lightnings
  • Electric Scales
  • Lightning Breath

She also uses a few new skills. The tank skill in particular is modified.

The active tank is now targeted by Thunderous explosion, a cone spell in front of the boss. Tank the boss back to the raid. Switch tanks each time Thunderous explosion. Furthermore, a tank hit by Thundering Blast explodes shortly after throughout the raid due to Thundering Energy. To reduce the damage taken by the raid as much as possible, active tank should always use anti-magic mitigation just before Thundering Blast.

If you manage to bypass all these mechanics and have the necessary DPS, you will pass this boss and you will have finished the Vault of Incarnations!

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