Normal and Heroic Sennarth Strategy, Vault of Embodiments WoW Dragonflight

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

But before that, the third boss you raid is Sennarth, a gigantic ice spider within the Vault that only wants to slow your progress and encourage the return of the Primalists.


Normal and Heroic Sennarth Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

Sennarth is a two-phase fight where you chase the boss from platform to platform.

This battle takes place in two phases. At the premiere, you pursue Sennarth along platforms. During the second, you will arrive at the top of the ice structure and will have to finish the boss.

Phase 1 of the fight against Sennarth in WoW Dragonflight

During this first phase, the boss will stay inside the room, hanging in the void. She has a very big hitbox. The main it will go up canvas throw. This spell applies a vulnerability debuff. Change all 8 strikes de canvas throw.

Product spiders called Frostbreath Arachnids appear. They must be They have a icy aura which deals increasing damage to the raid, so kill them fast. They also make a Freezing Breath in a cone that must be dodged. The latter leaves in its wake small areas on the ground called Sol glacial.

Le Icy Ground deals damage if you stay in it but also slip slightly.

Sometimes, Sennarth uses ice breath which also leaves areas of Sol glacial all over the room. Dodge their impact.

The whole raid it will go up Explosion glaciale at regular intervals, taking damage over time et exploding after a few seconds, inflicting damage to all nearby neighbors. Move away from each other.

The most important mechanic in this phase is Sticky Webs. Sennarth will target several players and throw them sticky webs. every second, target players are going to leave on the ground Sticky interlining. These areas stay on the ground and if you stay in, your movements are limited and your ne slide more but you recover debuff charges named Sticky Interlining which if you get to 10 charges you get stunned for 30 seconds by placing you in a cocoon.

When players are Targeted by Sticky Webs, they must run to the opposite edge of the hall to Sennarth, outside of the raid.

All of this canvases on the ground are still very useful during the spell Explosion of cobwebs, which allows Sennarth to attract raid characters towards her. Before that happens, you have to put as far away as possible from her. If you don't resist, you will be pulled into the void.

If you get pulled into a canvas on the ground, You go you stop or at least very slow. So try first Explosion of cobwebs to put a Canvas between you and Sennarth.

If you position yourself correctly, you will therefore be drawn into a web and stopped by it. But suddenly, you will have Sticky Interlining debuff and risk being stunned. To remove sticky interlining, you have to find the Young caustic spiders that appear in the room. When they die, they explode and any player hit by the explosion loses their stacks of Sticky Interfacing. So if you have too many charges, more than 5, stay in a burst of Caustic Young Spiderlings to lose your debuff. Additionally, if a player is stunned and cocooned, you can detonate a caustic young spider on him to free him.

Once Sennarth has arrived at the very top of the structure, you go to phase 2.

Phase 2 of the fight against Sennarth in WoW Dragonflight

Once you get to the upper platform, all the other platforms will slowly kill the people standing on them.

When you arrive on the latest platformYou absolutely have to interrupt Sennarth as soon as she casts Ice Summit. Please note the platform is full of Sol glacial.

Throughout this phase, Sennarth wins Penetrating cold and increases frost damage taken by players as the fight progresses. This phase needs to be finished quickly.

The boss always uses Explosion glaciale with an additional effect. In addition to exploding and dealing damage to all your neighbors, when the debuff expires, a Glacial volutes is placed on the ground. If you enter this Volute, you take heavy damage and get airborne. At the time ofExplosion glaciale, place yourself the edges of the room so as not to leave swirls in the middle of the platform.

Sennarth also use suffocating cloths an alternative of sticky webs. The effect of the spell changes: the target suffers damage over time and at the end of the debuff becomes a Webbed victim in a cocoon and place a Sticky interfacing in its location. When you are targeted, try to place yourself in the room either behind the clinchEither behind the casters to place there a sticky interfacing. bring Young caustic spiders on the players who are wrapped in a cocoon and kill them to free them.

Last but not least, Sennarth uses repulsive explosion, what inflicts lots of raid damage - people have to be careful - and repels the whole raid far enoughn. Don't be close to the edge. If you don't have no webs behind you, you will be pushed very far and potentially die or just be too far from the boss and lose lots of DPS. If you go to a Canvas, you shouldn't be sent too far.

Continue until Sennarth die.

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