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Among Us continues to be talked about after its explosion a few years ago. The studio Innerslot trying to find new ways to make the game spawn and took advantage of the Games Awards to announce a brand new game mode: Hide n Seek.

Hide n Seek - Where cache cache in the language of Molière - is a new game mode for Among Us in which you don't have to lie. You just have to flee from the Impostor to repair the ship or kill all the crew members, depending on your role.


New Cache Cache Among Us mode

The new fashion Hide and seek was featured in a video:

To explain a bit of what we have seen, here is a quick summary of this game mode:

  • The roles are known at the start of the game.
  • The game lasts for a limited time.
  • The Imposter must kill all crew members before the end of this time.
  • The crew members have to to survive until the end of time. They can perform different tasks, as in normal mode, to speed up time.
  • The crew members can use a limited number of times ventilation to hide.

There are of course some new additions to make the mode playable. 

As a crew member, you will see a danger bar in the upper right showing you the proximity of the impostor.

As an Imposter, your view will of course be more limited. When the game is close to over, you will win a great bonus name (improved speed, specialized map, red dot including direction of crew members) in order to complete the game.

Don't hesitate to try this mode as soon as possible! Additionally, you can use the game options to choose who is going to be the Imposter and be sure to rotate the roles!

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